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Site Facilities

Advanced Test Reactor

INL’s Advanced Test Reactor is the world’s most powerful research reactor and serves as the flagship irradiation facility in the U.S., able to support a wide range of experiments for multiple customers simultaneously, including the U.S. DOE nuclear R&D programs, the U.S. Navy, university and industry research.
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Experimental Breeder Reactor-I

Experimental Breeder Reactor-I (EBR-I) is a decommissioned research reactor and U.S. National Historic Landmark located in the desert about 18 miles (29 km) southeast of Arco, Idaho.
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Experimental Breeder Reactor-II

The Experimental Breeder Reactor-II is a decommissioned sodium-cooled reactor at Idaho National Laboratory, once operating with a thermal power rating of 62.5 megawatts (MW), an intermediate closed loop of secondary sodium, and a steam plant that produced 19 MW of electrical power through a conventional turbine generator.
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Hot Fuel Examination Facility

The Hot Fuel Examination Facility (HFEF) is a multiprogram hot cell facility. There are two adjacent shielded hot cells (the main cell and decontamination cell), a shielded metallography box, an unshielded hot repair area and a waste-characterization area. HFEF provides shielding and containment for remote examination, processing and handling of highly radioactive and TRU-bearing materials in its argon-atmosphere hot cells, unshielded labs, support areas and special equipment for handling, examining and testing of highly radioactive materials.
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Transient Reactor Test Facility

The Transient Reactor Test (TREAT) Facility is an air-cooled, graphite moderated, thermal spectrum nuclear test reactor designed to test reactor fuels and structural materials.
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In-Town Facilities

Battery Test Center Lab

A limiting factor of any electric vehicle is the quality of its battery, which is of particular concern for consumers. As electric vehicles transition from "the car of the future" to "the car of now," consumers need to know they can trust the vehicle manufacturers' claims about the quality and lifetime of the car's battery.
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Bioenergy Process Demonstration Unit

Commercial plants that process bulk solids typically operate at a fraction of design capacity during their first year.  One of the primary reasons for this is poor feed handling.
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Biomass Feedstock National User Facility - Guided Tour

Take a guided tour through the Bioenergy Feedstock National User Facility.
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Center for Advanced Energy Studies

The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) is a public/private research center designed to fuel energy transitions and economic growth. The Center is a consortium of five partners – Idaho National Laboratory, University of Wyoming, Boise State University, Idaho State University, and University of Idaho. CAES provides a collaborative, multi-mission environment that integrates resources to create new research capabilities and enhance energy-related educational opportunities.
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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (EVI) Laboratory

With the push toward electric vehicles (EVs) and away from gas-powered vehicles, a major question looms: Can EVs be charged quickly, efficiently, and remain user-friendly?
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High Temperature Test Laboratory

INL’s High Temperature Test Laboratory is a unique facility for developing, fabricating and performing laboratory demonstrations of proposed new instrumentation designed to handle harsh environments, such as those seen inside nuclear reactors. Researchers develop instrumentation to enable investigation of behaviors and characteristics of advanced fuels and materials in environments that include high temperatures, high pressures and radiation fields.
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Human Systems Simulation Laboratory

The Human Systems Simulation Laboratory (HSSL) at Idaho National Laboratory is a complete virtual nuclear control room created to safely test new technologies before they are implemented in real commercial reactor control rooms. The HSSL can interactively simulate digital, analog and combination systems with touch-screen versions of analog physical controls as well as their modern digital counterparts.
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